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Forensic Accounting

We partner with you to protect your interests.

Our forensics team offers valuable, sometimes overlooked services that can protect you when you most need them. We have an experienced and trusted team of experts who specialize in analysis, gathering evidence, implementing preventative measures, and even providing testimony in federal and state courts.

Forensic Accounting Services

Investigation and Analysis:

Investigation and Analysis: We are trained to investigate financial data and analyze financial records to identify any fraudulent activity or financial irregularities and have the expertise to identify patterns and discrepancies in financial data that may be missed by others.

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Evidence Gathering:

Forensic accountants can gather and document evidence related to financial fraud including financial reporting and misappropriation of assets.


Forensic accountants can help businesses implement effective fraud prevention and detection measures, including internal controls.

Cost Savings:

Early detection of fraudulent activity can save a business a significant amount of money, we can identify and stop fraudulent activity before it becomes a larger issue.

Reputation Protection:

A business’s reputation can be severely damaged by financial fraud; we can help protect a business’s reputation by identifying and addressing any fraudulent activity quickly and effectively.

 “When we decided to sell our Company, we turned to Bowers for assistance with the process. Their advice and counsel went above and beyond our expectations. They advocated for us in so many ways, even generating additional proceeds as well as tremendous tax savings. We will be forever thankful for their efforts.”

Tom Waddle, President - Fastrac Markets

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