About Bowers

We add value
to business

Many companies think that financial services providers are basically equivalent.

They just need someone to prepare tax returns, ready them for audits, or handle their accounting needs. This mindset leaves much value unrealized by not expecting more from a financial services firm.

Bowers continually creates added value for our clients’ businesses. We partner closely with clients, which allows us to offer proactive and personalized service.

Bowers breaks down the boundaries between “them” and “us” to form a true “we.”

That’s how we find creative solutions and powerful ideas that help our clients’s businesses.

Bowers exists to show how a more collaborative client relationship can add enormous value to businesses.


What sets Bowers apart?


WE partner with you

We believe that business is more profitable and more pleasant when you have a good partner.

When they work with Bowers, clients get all the efficiencies of hiring an outside firm, while receiving all the benefits of having a trusted business partner who is interested in their success.


Excellent customer care

Some accountants are known for being hard to reach. Not Bowers.

It is part of our culture to answer the phone and reply to emails promptly. That’s part of why we’re such good partners to our clients. We believe clear communication and education help our clients make the best business decisions.


Many specialty areas

Bowers offers the personalized service of a boutique company, with the size, scope, and excellence of a Big Four firm.

We offer many expert financial services to a variety of sectors, including small business, railroad, cannabis, construction, government, manufacturing, and not-for-profit.


WE are people focused

At Bowers, we live by a Not you. Not us. We. mentality. This holds true to both our partnerships with clients and our team members. We value the experience, time, and growth of all our employees, and know we will excel if our people do. We prioritize empowering individuals to build the career and skillset they desire while creating a work environment that embraces the importance of family, friends, pets, hobbies, community involvement, and making time to recharge.


Our Values



We execute our job with integrity. As the client’s partner, we’re always looking out for their best interests.


We communicate quickly and often. Unlike many other financial professionals, we’re easy to get ahold of.

Proactive & Enterprising Leadership

We take a proactive, entrepreneurial approach to business and believe in leading by example.

Teamwork & Positive Environment

We work great together. Across teams and among colleagues, we love to collaborate.

Quality & Excellence

We offer impressive quality and excellent service to all of our clients. The work we do is the cornerstone of the company.

"Bowers does excellent audit and tax work but what makes them truly standout is their ability to offer sound business advice and advisory solutions. They are like an extension of our own management team; from helping us develop a new business line to transitioning the company to the next generation."

Mike Romeo, President - Black River Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

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