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R&D Tax Credits

Research & Development Tax Credits

The Research & Tax Credit is intended to spur innovation. If your company is engaged in the design, development, or improvement of products, processes or formulas; you may be eligible for this tax credit. While a complex area to navigate, the R&D Tax Credit remains a valuable financial opportunity for companies that engage in these processes.

Bowers & Company tax experts stay continually updated on changes to tax regulations and court decisions, to ensure our clients receive the maximum Research & Development Tax Credits they are entitled to. Our compete analysis of your Research & Development work will identify what is eligible for tax credits in the current year as well as in prior year returns.

As we work with you our objective is to achieve the maximum credit, the documentation needed to claim and justify the analysis and claim and sustain the credit, on amended returns as well as the current year.

If you have any question about whether you could qualify for this important credit, call us at (315)234- 1123 or email us ("Contact Us" form on this page) to find out more about the Research & Development Tax Credit.

Is Bookkeeping delaying filing your taxes?

If you own a small business and haven't kept up your bookkeeping, don't worry. We can help you. We'll prepare your bookkeeping for the year, prepare a full Schedule C, as well as your personal income tax return. Then we'll help you set up an easy system that allows you to keep your books in tip-top shape next year.

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