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Fraud Examination

Fraud Can Be a Catastrophic Risk To Your Organization

Fraud cannot be ignored, but steps can be taken now to mitigate your risk. Fraud examination or Forensic Accounting is the integration of accounting, auditing and investigative skills to identify areas susceptible to potential fraud activity, uncover and prove actual fraud that has occurred, and provide the documentation and expert witness needed for litigation support.

Bowers & Company's Fraud Examination Group helps companies and not-for-profit entities to prepare themselves with the internal controls to reduce the possibility of fraud, or investigating when actual fraud is suspected or has occurred.

Fraud Prevention

It is never too soon, nor is a company too small, to take steps to prevent fraud. Our philosophy centers around prevention, rather than waiting to take action after fraud occurs.  Bowers & Company's Fraud Check-Up Service will show you how to take pro-active steps to protect your business by:

  • Development of an Ethics Policy
  • Establishing Monitoring Activities
  • Implementation of an Employee Code of Conduct

During our initial interview with management, we will inquire about how your organization currently addresses fraud with questions such as:

  • To what extent has your organization established a process for the oversight of fraud risks?
  • Who in your organization is responsible for fraud prevention and detection?
  • How does your organization prevent, deter and detect fraud?

When you work directly with our Fraud Examination Group, you have experts on hand. Our Fraud team will assist your organization in identifying the particular areas for improvement in your fraud prevention processes, ultimately reducing the potential for fraud losses.

Our Fraud Examination review includes:

  • Fraud Risk Oversight
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Anti-Fraud Controls
  • Proactive Fraud Detection
  • Tolerance and Risk Management Policies

Investigating Fraudulent Activity

It is unfortunate that the occurrence of fraud has been increasing nationwide, affecting for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. If you suspect fraud in your workplace, don't wait, call Bowers & Company.  Our Fraud Team has the knowledge and resources to complete a confidential fraud investigation to start the asset recovery process, define the facts of the case, and assist mangagement in evaluating the lack of controls that led to the incident.

Litigation Support

If fraud is identified, our team of experts will provide the necessary documentation and expert witness testimony to support any pending or actual litigation, including quantifying damages and providing depositions.

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