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179D Energy Tax Deduction

179D Energy Tax Deduction

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provided a powerful incentive for energy efficient new building construction, or renovations of existing buildings. Section 179D provides a deduction with respect to energy efficient commercial buildings. Also a part of this legislation is a special rule for Government-owned buildings, where these public entities can allocate this deduction to the person primarily responsible for designing the building.

Bowers & Company tax experts can help educate public and private companies on the requirements for this deduction, and arrange for the engineering study done and accompanied tax documentation in acceptance with the legislation so you may take advantage of this deduction. If you have a recently completed project, or have one in the planning stages with new or improved HVAC, Lighting or Building Envelope systems, you may qualify for this deduction.

Before going further, make sure to call (315) 234-1123 or email ("Contact Us" form on this page) Bowers & Company for a free consultation on your project.

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