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Patricia L. Mills, CPA, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Partner-in-Charge: B&C Accounting Services

Do you need financial reporting but cannot afford a full time bookkeeper and/or controller?  Have you just lost or are not happy with your bookkeeper and face hiring/training time and expense?

With 11 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff, and access to CPA level expertise,  we provide plans to match a level of service to meet your needs, at business friendly pricing.

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Our Plans


  • Enter bills for approval and payment
  • Electronically file bills
  • Track accounts payable balances
  • W-9 Information request
  • Enter credit card charges
  • Complete required vendor Communications

General Ledger Accounting

  • Adjust prepaid expenses and accrued liabilities (if applicable)
  • Reconcile bank, credit card, loans; and other balance sheet accounts
  • Record monthly depreciation/amortization entries

Monthly Reporting

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Statement of cash flows

Board/Owner - Presentations

  • Financial Statement analysis
  • Key ratio analysis


  • Training at all levels
  • Creation of initial file
  • Analysis of exisiting file
  • desktop to online conversion

Bowers & Company Cloud Technology - BILLPAY

Access to CPA Level Expertise

End product review by CPA level staff

Competitive Pricing

Starting as low as $200 per month

Growing with your Company

As a CPA firm with several niches and specialties, you will never outgrow our services

Cloud Technology

Integration of Cloud Services allows 24/7 access, from anywhere

Adaptation to Business Growth/Change

Without additional staff, gain access to advice on wages, payroll taxes, health insurance, retirement benefits, space, etc.

Access to Superior Talent/Expertise - Without Hiring Full-Time Staff

Most small businesses do not have the budget for a high level accounting professional and are missing potential profits.

Avoid Costly Investments

In non-core people and technology, and focus on your core competencies. 

Convert Fixed (Employee) Costs To Variable (Outsourced) Costs

By outsourcing, you can have the level of assistance you need, when you need it.  Many times you do not need a full-time employee in a position year round.

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